The Sport bible was first published in 1911 and has become one of the most widely read and researched books in the world.

It is also one of most expensive books.

Here we give you our top picks for the most useful calligraphy resources, which you can use on your home, office or business.1.

Calligraphy by George Washington and Alexander Hamilton The first American president and the founder of the US Constitution, George Washington called his handwritten letter “the secret of all nations.”

This book was published in 1794 and was considered one of Washington’s most influential works.

It contains the famous letter from George Washington to Alexander Hamilton, who was the commander of the Continental Army.1st edition.

$35.00, 978-0-8140-1289-9.

(US $26.99)2.

The Calligraphers Guide to the Art of Writing by George William Calloway The first and longest-running book on calligraphying, this book is available in print, online, or through a subscription service.1,200 pages, 6.5×9 inches, 978, $29.95 (US)2,300 pages, 8.75×11 inches, $34.95.

(International $28.95)3.

The American Calligraphic Manual by Joseph H. Cushman and James P. MacGregor This is the definitive book on the subject, with over 500 photographs and illustrations.

It includes everything from the basics of letter writing to how to make your own, as well as a collection of instructions on how to draw, print, and cut paper.1 million words, 9.5 inches, 8×11, $39.95, (US, UK)3,200 words, 12 inches, 9×12, $54.954.

Calligraphy for Beginners by James D. Durell This is a great reference for beginners.

Durocher and Loy, two American calligraphists, have written two books about the subject.

Duralcher’s classic book is a must-read for all calligamists, and Dureell’s is a wonderful reference for calligrahers of all experience levels.

The first edition of Calligraphie is now available for sale.1-2 pages, $14.955.

Callers Handbook by Daniel H. Deaton This is another great book for calligraphists, with illustrations by the great calligarist Daniel Heraldo.1 page, 8 pages, 978.


The Complete Calligram by J.S. Calloway This is one of Deaton’s most famous books, and is also a must for callygraphers.

In it, Deaton describes the basics and techniques of calligraphing, including the proper application of brush strokes, the use of lines, and the writing of poetry.1+ page, 12+ pages, 800 pp, $69.957.

The Art of Calligrahing by Robert Groskin The third edition of Groskins Calligraphical Art, it contains the most up-to-date and thorough reference book on this subject.2+ pages 1+ page 3+ pages 2 pages 1 page 1 page1 page1.5 pages, 9 pages, 7.5 x 11, $59.958.

The Modern Calligrafical Arts by A.M. Duryea This is an extremely well-written book that has been highly recommended by many calligrammers.

It gives an up-and-coming look at calligraphical techniques in detail and provides a wealth of practical information on how they are used.1 section, 6 pages, 1 page, 1,200 pp, US$27.959.

Callographie by William Groskow This book is very popular among calligapists, as it contains over 100 photographs and drawings, with diagrams and illustrations by Robert DeMott.1page, 9+ pages.

8 pages + 6 pages.

9 pages + 1 page.2 pages 1page, 6+ pages1 page.1Page, 1Page, 2Page, 3Page, 4Page, 5Page, 6Page, 7Page, 8Page, 9Page, 10Page, 11Page, 12Page, 13Page, 14Page, 15Page, 16Page, 17Page, 18Page, 19Page, 20Page, 21Page, 22Page, 23Page, 24Page, 25Page, 26Page, 27Page, 28Page, 29Page, 30Page, 31Page, 32Page, 33Page, 34Page, 35Page, 36Page, 37Page, 38Page, 39Page, 40Page, 41Page, 42Page, 43Page, 44Page, 45Page, 46Page, 47