A Calgary calligraphist is showing her work at Edmonton’s Calligraphic State gallery this month.

The calligraffiti artist is showing a series of images from the book, Calligraphing the World.

The first image, shown in the gallery, is called “Rabbit and Dog.”

“This one is called ‘Bunny.'” said Calligrapper Erica Lee.

Lee says she’s been making calligraphics since she was in her teens.

She’s also drawn a number of animals for various books.

She says she draws the animals from memory.

“I’ll be sitting there, I’m like, ‘I’m just drawing bunny and dog,’ I’ll say, ‘You know what?

It’s going to be a rabbit.'”

She says her inspiration comes from her grandmother who drew animals and then sold them to her.

“She sold them in a little town in France, where the rabbits were slaughtered and they sold them and they kept them as pets,” Lee said.

Lee believes it’s important to create a connection between art and animals.

“It’s something that I can share with people and that’s important.”

Lee said the work she’s showing in the calligallery is about people’s connection to nature.

“A lot of people feel a bit alienated, like they don’t want to interact with it, they don, they’re like, it’s just not them,” Lee explained.

“And I feel like it’s not for me, so I decided to create it.”

She says that as an artist she can also share her work with others.

“I think it’s really important to have that connection, and to really engage with the environment, to have a connection to the environment,” Lee added.

Lee plans to have her work show on the gallery’s second floor starting Friday.

She said she’s also planning to have the first two images of the series displayed in the galleries’ main exhibition room.

For more information, visit calligramart.ca