Calligrapher, calligraps and other tools for bot-building are available for the first time on the Amazon Alexa platform.

With Amazon’s Alexa app now available on both iOS and Android, a new type of assistant that’s used to help people navigate the online world can now be built using a similar platform.

The Echo and other Echo devices, called Alexa-enabled devices, can also be programmed to help users control their home automation systems with Alexa.

For now, Alexa-compatible devices are only available in Amazon’s Echo line, but there are plans to launch more devices, such as the Echo Dot and Echo Dot Plus, later this year.

The Alexa-powered Echo is also coming to the Echo Show, a smart speaker that can act as a voice assistant for a range of devices.

Alexa-equipped devices are also being offered for $79, with the company offering more devices for $99.

There are a variety of Alexa-ready products available on Amazon.

The company offers a wide range of voice assistants, including Apple’s Siri, Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Google Assistant.

A new line of devices, Alexa Skills, will also be available later this summer.

While Amazon has traditionally kept a low profile when it comes to new voice assistants from the big tech companies, its growing interest in bots has made it an attractive acquisition target for Amazon and other big tech players.

Last year, Amazon paid $250 million for the startup Bambino.

Amazon is also looking to expand its voice assistant offering to other devices.

The company also recently launched a bot-centric subscription service called Bizkit, which offers an array of products from Amazon and Amazon Web Services.

That service will reportedly launch later this month.

The Echo Dot is a popular and relatively inexpensive Alexa-supporting device, but it is not yet available for purchase.

The new Alexa-only devices are currently priced at $179 and $239.

The new Echo devices can be purchased in a variety for $59, with more to be added as the devices are added.

These devices also come with a set of six Echo-ready apps, which can be accessed by voice commands.

Amazon also offers several apps for controlling the devices through Alexa, including the Echo Nest and Echo TV.

The Alexa-supported Echo Dot also supports a wide variety of other Alexa-friendly apps, including Google Home, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Home and more.

Amazon’s Nest speaker also supports voice commands for controlling a variety different smart devices, including Amazon’s Chromecast.

Amazon’s new Alexa devices are being offered in the Echo Series, an Echo Series Dot, the Echo TV, a Nest Cam and the Echo S2.

These Echo devices are not currently available for $249 or $399.