Posted October 11, 2018 04:06:00A lot of people are wondering what will happen with the Boston Bruins this season.

There have been rumors going around the NHL that there might be a trade for defenseman Michael Bournival.

It seems unlikely that he will be able to play for Boston, but there have been reports that Bourniv will be moved in exchange for another defenseman.

There have been some whispers that the Bruins have made a deal with Philadelphia in an attempt to bring back defenseman Brian Dumoulin.

There are also some rumors that the Flyers might be willing to give up a draft pick to get Dumoulins.

So what happens with Dumouins future in the NHL?

There are some interesting storylines surrounding him.

Bournival is a young defenseman that has been a disappointment in the Boston organization.

He has had a career year in the AHL with Providence this season, but is still only 23 years old.

Bartoszek is also 23 and he was a healthy scratch for Boston this season as well.

Dumouin was also on the ice for the game against Buffalo and played well.

There were some rumors of the Flyers moving Dumouines contract, but those rumors have been refuted by the team.

While there are no official moves made by the Bruins or Philadelphia, there are rumors that they are looking for a defenseman to take over for Dumouino.

The rumors are being fueled by Dumouinas former agent, David Brandt.

Bard, who represented Dumouis in his time with Providence, said during a conference call that Dumou’s contract with the Flyers was in jeopardy because he is only 23 and that he doesn’t see any future with the team this season and that it would be better to play in Europe than play in the U.S.BARTOSZEK, who was also at the conference call, said Dumou could not be traded and that his client would be staying with the Bruins.

He added that he has been involved in a lot of trade talks and that DumOUis contract was in the hands of the organization.

The Bruins and the Flyers have yet to make any official move.