It’s a classic, old-school, DIY approach to investing.

What makes it so hard to pull off? 

The first and most obvious answer is that it’s expensive. 

The average price of a home in the United States is currently $1,946,000, according to Zillow. 

It costs more to buy a home than it does to sell it. 

As a result, it can take years to get the cash you need to buy and buy it back. 

Then there’s the fact that your bank accounts are constantly being overdrawn. 

And, in some cases, your credit is in shambles. 

If you’re a beginner like me, I’ve heard of people getting bounced around by banks for months on end. 

For many, the whole process can seem like an exercise in futility.

 The second answer to that question is that, for many, it’s a pain in the ass. 

Most of us have our own financial goals and objectives.

We may be looking for the highest return we can get from investing.

Or we may be searching for a quick way to earn a little extra cash.

But what if we’re just looking to cash out on an unexpected life event, like a baby born with Down syndrome? 

And what if that baby is the result of an incredibly rare medical condition? 

How can we save ourselves a lot of money in the process? 

In this case, the answer is: “Money.” 

This post is part of a series about investing and saving money.

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