As far as the Football Italian is concerned, we’re not sure that it’s worth the money, because we can see that the font is not in any way similar to the one used in the new FIFA 17 game, so it looks really out of place.

In the first place, there are no words in the original FIFA 17 logo.

There’s only a few letters in the name “FIFA”, and we can also see that there’s a bit of a difference in size between the original and the new one.

The font itself looks very similar to that of the old FIFA 18 logo, and this might not have been a problem for the Football I and II font families.

The new font has some problems, too.

The lines that form the letter ‘C’ appear too wide and in the center, and the letters ‘C’, ‘M’, and ‘D’ are too long.

The word ‘FIFA’ is not used in this font, either.

There are also some problems with the use of the “c” and “k” characters in the letter “T”.

The letters “t” and the word “T” appear to be separated by a single space in the font, but this is not the case.

It’s possible that the letters were changed during the production of the new version, but it is certainly a bit strange.

We also noticed that the letter in the logo is not being used in any other way.

The fonts used for the FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 logos are different.

It looks like the font used for FIFA 17 has a lot of lines in it, whereas the one in the football icon for FIFA 18 is very simple.

The other issue we had with the new Football I font family is that there are some letters missing from the first edition, and they are also missing from other football icons like the ‘U’ for the Champions League, the ‘F’ for European Football, and so on.

We are looking forward to the next edition of the Football italian, and we hope that the fonts used here will continue to be useful for the fans.

The new FIFA logo will be available on the 20th of March.