A new game on the Xbox One could be a big deal for fans of Calligraphics.

The team at Calligraphics, who are building the game in Unity, are creating a Calligramical line of Calligraphy characters for the game.

That’s great news for those who love the art of drawing on paper and want to make their own.

There’s a lot of different ways you can draw on paper.

The game could be set in a museum, or maybe in a school classroom.

If you’re interested in making your own Calligraphical characters, you can get access to all the source material, as well as the Calligrams in Unity.

The GamePad, the game’s controller, is an option too.

The creators are also working on a tutorial that shows how to make the Calligraphic lines on the gamepad.

There are even plans for a tutorial on how to turn the Gamepad into a drawing tool.

That tutorial would be useful if you’re not comfortable with using a pen and paper or just want to know how to draw with your hands.

There is no word yet on when we’ll be able to play this game.