Calligraphy is a great way to express your emotions and get people talking.

But it can also be a difficult craft to master.

We’ve compiled some of the best calligraphies you can try on your next project to make sure you’ve got the right tools and know how to create them.


A woman’s face – From the book The Art of Calligraphry by Anne Blythe, written by Anne and published in 1893.


A man’s face From The Life of Charles Darwin by Charles Darwin, published in 1859.


A baby’s face from the book The Little Baby by Charlotte Brontë, published 1893.


A girl’s face, baby’s head from the Book of Life by Theodora M. Babbitt, published 1897.


A mother’s face , baby’s ear from The Life and Travels of the Little Woman by Emma B. Sacks, published 1896.


A boy’s face and a boy’s head – from the book Little Boy by Jules Verne, published 1891.


A white woman’s nose from The White Woman’s Noses by E.E. Cummings, published 1906.


A black woman’s eyebrows from White Woman’s Eyebrows by Harriet Burroughs, published 1913.


A yellow woman’s eyebrow from Bubbles in the Sun by Alice Munro, published 1925.


A blonde woman’s eyelashes from Blonde Eyelashes by Ruth Westheimer, published 1922.


A blue woman’s eyes from Blue Eyes by Mary E. Scott, published 1937.


A purple woman’s hair from Passionate Purple by Mary Beth MacLeod, published 1972.


A brown woman’s ears from Brown Eyes by Eileen Atkins, published 1974.


A gray woman’s breasts from Mighty Brown by Susan B. Anthony, published 1980.


A red woman’s nipples from Fantastic Red by Barbara Kingsolver, published 1985.


A gold man’s penis from Goddess of Gold, by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, published 1975.


A silver woman’s nipple from Silver Nipples by Sarah Waters, published 1979.


A green man’s clitoris from Green Nipples, by Barbara Hendricks, published 1990.


A pixie, a green, a purple, and a red woman all in one article  from The Big Book of Calligrapheries by Mark Neeley, published 1999.


An elf and a fox, two beautiful women in one from Daughters of Elves and the Foxes by Ann Marie Hodge, published 1984.


An eagle with a feather in its talons and a pair of scissors in its claws, two women in two from Dreamland by Emily Dickinson, published 1965.


Two birds in one, a bluebird and a blackbird in one piece, from A Song of Two Birds by Dorothy Parker, published 1955.


A frog with a tail and a hammer, two birds in two, from the film The Fly by Jaws, published 1971.


A lion and a tiger, two cute animals in one story, from The Lion and the Tiger by George Bernard Shaw, published 1961.


Two beautiful women and a little boy in one  from Beautiful People by Laura Jane Grace, published 2002.


A giant spider with its mouth open, two young men in one scene, from  The Giant Spider by Peter Bogdanovich, published 1997.


A big white man with his hair pulled back and his eyes closed, two girls in one of his dreams, from Dreamland by Ethel Merman, published 1996.


A young boy with his nose pierced, two big girls in the same dream, from Dreams of a Little Boy, by Peter Weir, published 1981.


Two girls in a bathtub with a man’s head sticking out, two boys in one dream, from The Girl in the Bathtub by Margaret Mitchell, published 1986.


A guy with his head cut off, two people in one bed, from Sleeping Beauty, by Isabella Rossellini, published 1962.


A beautiful girl with a pair, two adults in one room, from Tales from the Dollhouse by Daphne du Maurier, published 1993.


A nice looking girl, two guys in one bedroom, from In The Woods by John Williams, published 1970.


A pretty boy with a pretty face, two friends in one small room, and a cute doll in the other, from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic by Lauren Faust, published 2001.


A little boy, two little girls in each room, and the house gets a little bigger, from Little Boys and Girls: Adventures in