Posted October 02, 2018 02:00:00By JONATHAN HARRIS | ESPN.COM A Christian writer is now the face of a religion.

That’s right, he’s calling it the “new Jesus” by his blog, “Jesus Christ” , and calling it “the new God” by some of his followers.

This is the author of the book “The New Jesus,” and a Christian blogger who writes for a website called “Jesus Hates Religion.”

The book is a parody of the “New Testament” by Richard Dawkins, a popular and well-known atheist.

But the author, who goes by the name of Jonah, said he’s “not going to give away anything that’s in there.”

The new book, titled “The Gospel of Jonah,” is not a traditional gospel book.

But it is an allegory that includes a biblical story and a story from the book of Jonah.

The book, written by Jonah and co-authored by a fellow blogger, is part of a campaign called “The Bible is the New Jesus.”

The project was started by former pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, who said he was inspired by the Bible and Christian writings to create a book.

He has raised nearly $70,000 to pay for the creation of the new book.

The campaign has already raised more than $2 million.

But in order to get the book published, a new campaign is being run to raise money.

The campaign was launched by Christian publisher John Dehlin and Christian blogger John Dehn.

The book is slated for publication in the fall of 2019.

The new campaign has raised more $2,532 than the campaign that started to raise $2.5 million.

The new campaign will have to raise about $5,000 more to reach the goal of $5 million, according to the fundraising website.

“We’re really excited about this book and we hope you are,” Dehling said.

“It’s really an allegorical work and a great allegory.

I’m really happy to be able to be a part of this campaign.

I’ve always felt it was my responsibility to make this happen.””

Jesus Christ,” by Jonah Dehlen.

“The gospel of Jonah.”

The campaign started to have a huge impact.

It has raised $9,638 from 644 backers.

The project is the most funded book campaign in the history of the company.

The goal for the campaign is to raise enough money to make a book of the New Testament, which has yet to be published.

But many of the supporters of the campaign said they don’t agree with the book’s portrayal of Jesus.

“He’s a bunch of buffoons who doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t know Jesus,” said Daniel Ragsdale, a writer from the New York area.

“He just wants to see himself as a savior.”

“I’ve been reading the New Agers books for years, but Jonah is really wrong on so many levels,” said one supporter, who requested anonymity.

“I don’t believe he’s actually Christian.

And he seems like a great guy.

But you’re talking about the most popular Christian book of all time.”

The story is a mash-up of the Bible with Jesus’ teachings.

It includes references to the Old Testament and some biblical quotes.

“God has created a new and better way of life,” Jonah said in the book.

“Jesus has already shown us that there is no need for God to be here.

We can be more than God and less than Him.”

The New Testament is considered one of the best books on the Bible, according.

Jonah is a former Baptist pastor and now teaches a Christian college course.

The New Bible, by Jonah’s wife, is called “What We Believe.”

The book tells a story of a young man named Jonah who, in a moment of weakness, goes to a homeless shelter to seek shelter from the rain and cold.

Jonah, who is homeless, is the only person in the shelter.

The homeless man turns out to be Jonah’s brother, who helps him.

Jonah meets the homeless man and begins to develop a friendship.

Jonah said he and his brother were taught the Bible is about Jesus.

But they didn’t believe it was actually written by Jesus himself.

“I’m really amazed that Jonah can write something so good and so factual,” said Dehli, who believes the book is based on the New Bible.

The Bible was not written by God, Jonah said, adding, “We know God didn’t write it.

It’s just a story.”

But the book does portray the Jesus Jesus, who was a great man who became a father and husband.

Jonah also said he believes the story of Jonah and his brothers was a true one.

The idea that the Bible was written by a fictional character who never existed and was invented by Christians was an interesting one, Dehline said.

But he added that it’s not a new idea.”You