In 2015, the Bahai calligrapher community was rocked by a mass shooting that left six people dead and more than a hundred injured.

The calligraphy community had been in the spotlight since the shooting, but the community was still in mourning.

So how did calligraphists do during the mourning period?

The community held its own memorials and funerals.

They gathered to talk about what was going on, what they were going through and what they had to do to be better, and then they got together for a day of learning calligraphry.

They shared their work, shared the lessons they learned, and made calls to the calligraphic industry.

But it wasn’t until 2018 that the community realized it was actually time to start doing something.

They needed a kit to go with their mourning calligraphing. 

The community, like many in the community, was shocked to find out that the kit they had been waiting for wasn’t going to arrive, and it was the last one of its kind. 

As it turns out, the kit was sold out, and the Bahauis had to go through the arduous process of sourcing it, creating the custom label, and getting the funds to make the first batch of kits. 

But the community is not alone.

For many Bahai, the process of creating their own kits and getting them into production has been a long and painful one. 

We wanted to make sure that our community can share its stories with the world.

And that’s exactly what we did. 

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In 2019, the calligraphics community came together for an annual calligraphies festival in the name of learning. 

At the festival, they created the first kits, and at the end of the year, they sold out. 

“I think it was because the community felt that they needed to share their stories to help heal the community,” said the community’s head of operations, Alayna Pappalardo. 

After a lot of time, they were able to get some of the money to make some kits, including the first two. 

Alayna says they were overwhelmed by the support they received, and that they learned a lot. 

“[They] just wanted to get a kit that was beautiful, and they felt that we were all in it together,” she said. 

They also got to see the community firsthand, because the callihping community has grown over the years, with more people becoming interested in the hobby. 

A large part of the celebration is celebrating the community and how well they’re doing, and how the community continues to do great work, Alaina said.

“We just want to be able to share with our community and say, ‘Hey, we’ve been here before, we know what it takes to make it work, and we can do it.'” 

So what do you need to know to make a beautiful calligraphys kit? 

This is the kit that AlayNA put together for the community to share the pain and grief of the community. 

This kit will take you through the process from purchasing to making your first calligraphical kit, to the final assembly of your kit. 

I’ll show you the process that I used to make my first kit, and explain the steps that you’ll need to take if you want to make your own kit.

The process of making your own calligraphs kit, including instructions on how to put the kit together. 

You can also see some of what the community has created, including a number of other pieces. 

It’s important to note that this kit is custom designed and designed for a specific Bahai community.

For some people, the community may not have the resources to create their own kit, or may not be in a position to make one.

If you’re a Bahaui and you want a kit made specifically for you, please contact us at [email protected] 

What to expect: This will take about an hour to complete, so make sure to check in on a regular basis to ensure you’re not missing anything. 

When it’s done, you’ll be able sit back and enjoy a beautiful piece of artwork made from calligraphic gems, and a piece of calligraphist history. 

More information about making a beautiful handmade kit can be found on our About Us page. 

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