You might think that men would want a pair of sunglasses with their name printed on them and the word “Mens” stamped on the back, but that’s not always the case.

We recently took a look at the best and worst of men’s sunglasses, and here are some recommendations for women, too.

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Calligraphers sunglasses: This is an incredibly popular style, which has long since faded in popularity.

Its a modern look, but its still very stylish and durable.

But you might also want to consider a pair with a black strap instead.

Its an all-rounder, and it looks great with any outfit.

It’s one of the few sunglasses that look great when paired with a dress shirt.

The strap is attached to a chain and the clasp is easily accessible.


Men’s sunglasses: A man’s sunglasses are often referred to as the “shoes of the future”, but that might not be quite accurate.

The men’s brand is a lot like its men’s counterpart, with a few key differences.

It has a lot more styling and a lot less branding.

That said, it’s definitely a stylish look for any occasion.


Women’s sunglasses in general: While the men’s style is more of a retro, men’s brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma are all trying to appeal to women, and have their own take on the style.

While the brands have a lot of style and flair, they also don’t want to be seen as “trendy”.

They don’t have the logos, but they have some of the most stylish sunglasses around.


Sunglasses for women: This one is probably the most subjective.

There’s nothing wrong with women wearing a pair in general, but there are certain occasions when a woman needs something a bit more formal.

The women’s brand Calligra, for example, is known for its classic look and its comfortable fit.

The brand also offers sunglasses that are comfortable enough to wear in the rain.


Sunglass for men: There are a number of brands that specialize in men’s glasses, and these are generally a lot easier to find and purchase than for women.

We love the men-specific designs of Men’swear, which are a little more expensive, but not that expensive.

The most popular brands are Oakley, H&M and the brands that have a large presence in the fashion industry.

The brands have many designs, so it’s a great option to choose from.


Men sunglasses for women in particular: If you’re looking for a pair for a man, we suggest the men sunglasses, as they’re a bit cheaper.

They’re also more stylish, and you can find them in a number styles.

However, it is worth noting that you can’t go wrong with the women’s shades.

We highly recommend them.