A day after the first game of the NBA Finals was called, the first installment of a three-part documentary series on the NBA has begun.

The documentary series, called We’re Not There for the MONEY, will look at the events of Game 5, from the aftermath of the game to the aftermath and aftermath of another, and look into how the NBA is going to deal with the fallout from the series.

While the series has been released online, it will be a three part series on Bleacherreport.com, which is a partnership between the site and the NFL.

This series will begin with a recap of Game 4 on Tuesday night, followed by the second game on Thursday night, and finally the third game on Sunday.

You can watch the first part of the series here: The documentary is slated to premiere on Tuesday.

It will also include a look at what went wrong with the Lakers, and why they were able to win Game 5. 

In the first segment of the documentary, the two-part series will look back at the Lakers’ loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. 

The Lakers are 0-2 in the series, but that’s not a good sign for the team as they’re currently in the midst of a playoff push. 

“I think we’re not going to get it back,” said Jordan Clarkson, who had 18 points and nine rebounds, as the Lakers were outscored 26-7 in the fourth quarter.

“I think our fans have been frustrated, and that frustration has been shared.

I think we all know that we’re going to have to come together as a team and try to be better.

I don’t think we’ve been as cohesive as we need to be.” 

The second segment of The We’re  Not There for  the MONEY will look into the players’ actions leading up to the loss. 

Lakers forward Lou Williams was fined $25,000 for a foul on Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson.

Clarkson was fined a $10,000 fine for an offensive foul that the Pelicans committed in the second half of Game 3.

Clarkson also was fined for a defensive foul on Anthony Davis that led to a Pelicans 3-point basket. 

James Harden, the NBA MVP, was suspended three games by the league for his actions in Game 4. 

After being suspended for the second time in five games, Harden was ejected from Game 5 for hitting Pelicans guard Courtney Lee. 

Anderson was suspended for a third time for an altercation with Lakers guard Courtney Alexander, which led to Alexander being ejected. 

Clarkson also was suspended a third game for throwing a chair at Lakers forward Josh Jackson, who was knocked to the ground. 

Williams was fined another $25000 for his first violation of the league’s rules for using a racial slur. 

For the second series of the season, the Lakers lost to the Atlanta Hawks, 102-96. 

Los Angeles outscaled the Hawks 40-15 in the paint, but the Lakers had difficulty getting shots. 

While the Lakers are 6-2 at home, the Hawks are 6/4.