Calligraps is a calligraphic typeface for use on posters, posters and other signage in Ireland.

It is a typeface used on all types of paper and has been used in various forms for a long time, with a wide range of applications ranging from business cards to greeting cards.

In the past, its use has been primarily used as a promotional design and its popularity has grown over the years.

However, the font has recently been made available in a number of other forms, including a calligraphy-style font called Calligraphic for use in signage and in the manufacture of posters.

It also features a variant of the classic “A” typeface that is used in the printing of books, magazines and newspaper clippings.

Here, we’ll discuss the different variants of the Calligraphic typeface and how they compare with each other and with the more common Calligrabs font, and discuss the benefits of using them as calligraphs.