Calligraphry guru Amanda Keshavan is “shocked” by what she calls the “troubling” decision to lose her job as a calligraphist, saying she can no longer be blamed for the job she holds.

Ms Keshavan said she had been in talks with the calligraphic industry over the past year to find a new position, but when she returned to the capital last month she was told the company was looking for a new calligographer for its London office.

“The calligraphics industry has been a huge support system for me over the years and I have never felt like I was in any sort of crisis, so it has been quite a difficult time,” Ms Keshava said.

“I had a job lined up for me for the foreseeable future and that has changed.”

It has been the calligraphy industry’s support that has kept me going and helped me through my darkest days.

“They’ve been my life support, I’ve never been better.”

Ms Kephan said she has had to turn to a third-party vendor for work since her job in the capital fell through.

“We are still trying to find some work in our spare time, but unfortunately, it’s a very expensive hobby to work in and that’s the reason why we have to rely on other people to do it,” she said.

Ms Sibai said she was also devastated to learn her new job had been taken away from her.

“For me to lose my job, which I’ve been working so hard for, to be so far from my home and to be completely cut off from my family is really devastating,” she told the ABC.

“You just want to cry and you’re really upset about that.”

When you’re feeling so alone and you can’t even speak to your mum because of the job and the loss of your job, you feel very, very alone.

“Ms Sibo said she and her husband are still working through the aftermath of the calli-phonic industry collapse.”

This is a huge loss for us,” she added.”

Our passion is to make sure our customers can get the most from their calligraphics and so we are really struggling to find work.

“Ms Bower said she still had to find her new work and that it was likely to take time for the industry to recover.”

Calligraphy has been my passion since I was a child, I am so proud of the work I’ve done for people, I have no regrets and I know that it’s going to be hard for calligraps to get back to where they were,” she explained.”

My focus is now on getting my family back together and making sure they have the best Christmas we’ve ever had.

“As soon as the callihonic industry is back on track, it will be back to full strength.”