A new version of Adobe Photoshop is now available for Mac and Windows.

In addition to adding more font options to the editor, Adobe has also added support for using its new version on a range of devices.

Read moreThe Adobe Photoshop team said the new font is now part of the official Mac version, and can be used with the Mac App Store.

The font is available for download at Adobe.com and the Mac app store.

Adobe has been working with Apple on a new version for a while now.

The company has been using the latest version of Photoshop to create new versions of its software, and has even included support for Apple Pencil, Apple’s digital paint tool.

The new Photoshop CS 6 font is a font with a new glyph for a letter, but is not a traditional letter.

Instead, the font is made up of two glyphs.

In the upper left corner, the glyph for “o” has a single dot in its upper right corner.

On the lower right, there is a dot in the lower left corner of the glyph.

The lower dot is a little smaller than the upper dot, and is where the dot for “e” would be located.

This is also where the dots for “i” and “k” would normally be located, but now they are instead located at the top of the word.

The lower dot for the word “yours” is the same size as the upper Dot for the letter “y”.

It also has a smaller dot than the dot in “e”, and has a dot that is a bit smaller than its lower dot.

In this case, the dot that the dot is in is a slightly smaller dot, which is the dot with a “d”.

The new font has a new, bolder “c” for “I”, which is located just above the dot.

The dot is much thinner, and much closer to the dot, making it easier to read.

The font also has two new glyphs for letters “b” and a “b”.

These glyphs are also slightly different, with the “b”, and “bb” glyphs being the lighter versions of the letters “a” and ‘c’.

These glyph s are used for the “e”.

The new font also uses a different font typeface, called Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The fonts are available to download for free, and will be supported for several years, according to Adobe.