Birmingham calligraphs are offering crossword puzzles as part of their sale.

The kit comes with instructions, crossword paper, a pen, a piece of cardboard and instructions to make the puzzle.

The puzzles are available for £3.99.

You can also buy an all-in-one puzzle kit for £29.99, with the instructions, paper and instructions included.

The Birmingham Calligraphing Club has a website where you can download a free sample of their puzzles.

Birmingham Calligraphy is located at 4th Avenue, Birmingham B2 3BH, Birmingham, B3 1AJ.

Calligraps can be purchased at Birmingham Callipers, 6 St Peter Street, Birmingham.

Calligraphists can be found at the calligraptorium at the Birmingham Metropolitan School of Art, 5 Old Street, East Streatham, BirminghamB32 7JF, and at the Calligraphia Birmingham gallery at 6 Old Street.

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