Google Play is looking to make its gaming offerings better and more competitive.

In the latest news, the Play Store has announced that it will soon offer crossword search capabilities for games.

Crossword searches will let you quickly and easily find words and phrases from the original word cloud that you can use to find the correct word for the answer.

This will allow you to quickly jump to the correct answer for your crossword puzzle.

For now, you’ll have to get creative and make your own words, phrases, or symbols, but there’s no reason you can’t use crosswords to quickly find words that are not in the original cloud.

You can get crossword help from other users on the Play store, but if you do find a word that isn’t in the cloud, you can still use the Google search functionality to easily find that word and answer.

In a statement, Google Play’s VP of Games, Brand and Entertainment David Kost, said:It’s not every day that a company like Google launches a crossword game.

But with crossword games like the one on the Google Play store being available to users right now, it’s great to see them getting the word out.

With crossword searches coming to the Google play store, we want to help people find the word they’re looking for faster, and with Google Play Crossword, you don’t have to guess the answer yourself.

Crosswords are not just for Google, either.

The company recently added the ability to play crossword puzzles from other apps and websites.

Google Play is rolling out crossword support for games on the Android and iOS Play Store today.

There’s no word yet on whether Google will extend this to other platforms like Windows Phone and Xbox One, but it looks like crossword crosswords will become a standard feature on the store.