On Monday, November 16, a group of Calligraphets and Ink-Painters staged a public protest outside the book launch of Alan Blackmans book, Dirty Sexy Calligraphy.

Called Dirty Sexy, the book has been described by New York City Calligrappers as a “comprehensive dictionary” of calligraffiti, and a book about “the art of drawing.”

Blackman told New York magazine, “It’s just like any other book, except it’s more than just a dictionary.

It’s about calligraphics, about drawing and writing and drawing a portrait, a portrait of yourself, a picture of yourself.”

The protest came on the heels of a calligraphically themed event Blackman hosted in New York on January 4.

“Calligraphy, drawing and drawing, it is about art.

It is about human interaction and human life,” Blackman said.

“I think it’s really important to have that in your life, especially with something as serious as a book.”

The event included a call-to-action for the “Dirty Dirty Calligraphies” campaign, and Blackman encouraged anyone who has ever struggled with their calligram “to start doing it, even if it’s just on a piece of paper.”

He added that there are “three or four, maybe even four thousand, of us out there, who can get through all the crap.”

The book will be published by Random House on November 29.