Calligraphic handwriting is an ancient Egyptian art form that is used in many cultures across the world.

The book, called Calligraphus: Ancient Egyptian Book of Writing and Typography, by Jodi Wilson, is available in UK supermarkets from April 20.

The author says it has been written by ancient Egyptian penmen.

It was published in the US in January, and was sold at the bookshop in New York.

Wilson said the book is an archaeological document that describes a penmanship style called Calligraphe that originated in Egypt.

The author says the book was first published in 1601 in Egypt by the Egyptologist George M. Rufus.

Wilson says the original document was found by an American archaeologist, Joseph F. Martin, while excavating a site near the ancient city of Ramses II in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

The text was written by a penman called P.D. Calligrophes.

Calligraphes was a skilled scribe who was employed by the city of El-Ahuas.

Wilson says Calligrps writings were very ancient.

He said the word for “calligraphy” in Egyptian means “to write”.

“This was written in the earliest Egyptian manuscripts, which date from the 6th century B.C.,” she said.

“It’s been found on stone tablets, it’s been written on tablets, and it’s also on ancient Egyptian pottery,” she said, adding that the text has been used in other ancient cultures such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Babylon and Rome.

“Calligrabs writing is an important part of the history of writing in ancient Egypt.”

The author said the Calligricum has a date of around 1,400 B.c., the date when the pharaohs of ancient Egypt ruled over the whole of what is now modern day Syria.

“The calligraphy is a type of writing used in Egypt and across the Mediterranean from the earliest period of Egyptian civilisation to the 7th century A.D.,” she added.

Wilson added that the calligricus was used by Egyptian royal families and priests and it was also used by the Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III, who ruled from 826 to 826 B. and 661 to 661 B. C. She said the author’s book has a number of annotations, which explain the history behind each line of the document.

“We’ve got an interesting little piece of history here,” she explained.

Wilson told The World Today that the Calligraphum was written around 1 B., and its earliest known copy was dated to around 3,000 B. She also said the manuscript was a treasure trove for Egyptian writers who would have loved to preserve it.

“There’s no other document of the Callirptus family that I know of that was so widely used in Egyptian society, and so well-preserved,” she added, adding, “They would have liked to keep this one.”

Wilson said that she had received a number people wanting to buy Calligraphos book.

The American author also said that the ancient Egyptian writing style is known to be the language of the Egyptians.

“This is ancient Egyptian, and there’s no doubt about that,” she told The News24.

“We have a lot of the same things in common.”

Wilson added she had not seen anyone else writing this style, and that she would like to see the document preserved.

Wilson and her husband, Aaron, have lived in New Jersey for the past three years.

She and Aaron have three sons and four daughters.

Wilson has studied ancient Egyptian history and culture since she was a teenager.

She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.