By James McEwan, Toronto, ON, CanadaWhat you need: The following materials and tools: A set of pens for drawing Calligraphy on: A pen or pencil, white paper, white linen or cotton flannel or a plain linen cloth.

A pen or pen or white paper or white linen cloth, white cotton or linen flannel, or black paper or linen cloth and a small white pencil or marker.

What you do: The class is a two-hour workshop.

This is to help you master the basic calligraphical skills needed for drawing and writing on paper, especially when you are not in front of a mirror.

Participants are expected to draw the outline of a person or a scene in white ink, with their hands and feet as close together as possible.

At the end of the class, participants are expected not to move or speak in a distracting manner.

After the class the participants have to draw and write in black ink for at least an hour before the next class.

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About the author: Martin Jackson is a Canadian professional Calligrapper, author and photographer with an impressive portfolio of artwork, video, illustrations and other works.

In addition to writing, he also has a career as a teacher, teaching and mentoring.

He teaches creative writing, creative writing courses at the Calligraphic Academy in Toronto, a school for Calligraphy teachers.

He has taught at the Canadian Academy of Arts and Sciences and at the Centre for the Study of Arts in Canada, a program for arts education in Canada.

In 2018, Jackson was named an Assistant Editor at the American Society of Arts Teachers.