The newest version of Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is bringing in a lot of new fans who are tired of watching old movies and television shows.

But while the streaming service has had a pretty good run in terms of new viewers and revenue, it’s still trying to figure out how to keep pace with the rise of streaming services like Amazon Prime Video (NYSE:AMZN).

And Netflix seems to be taking a page from Amazon Prime’s playbook to get things done.

Netflix launched its new Stranger Things season earlier this year, but the company is still hoping to keep the momentum going with its original series.

While it is offering more than just an introductory season, it also offers a lot more than the original series would.

The first two episodes of Stranger Things have already been streamed over 1.6 million times.

And that’s just in the U.S. It’s been streaming in over 200 territories around the world, with Netflix in Canada and the U, Australia, Japan, and South Korea currently streaming it.

The Stranger Things brand has been around for more than 20 years, so it’s no surprise that Netflix’s first two seasons are a bit of a departure from the way Netflix has always done things.

The company said it has “reimagined” the Stranger Things franchise, with a much darker tone and a greater focus on the characters.

That new approach is also making it harder for Netflix to sell the series to new viewers, especially after it began airing in the spring of 2019.

Netflix has also tried to make the first two Stranger Things seasons feel like part of the larger Stranger Things universe, even if they are in the first episode of the second season.

For example, the characters from the first season are still alive in the second one.

The company is also trying to make Stranger Things more accessible to new audiences, in particular to kids, by giving them more of a chance to get into the world of Stranger Weeds and other Stranger Things-related movies and TV shows.

Netflix is also doing its best to keep up with the trends and changes in online video, like its efforts to get kids watching its new streaming service on a much more regular basis.

It recently rolled out a new version of its parental controls that includes an option to block certain content.

It also plans to introduce a number of other new features, including a new “Honeymoons” feature that allows parents to stream movies and shows from their kids’ collection.

Netflix is also giving away the first four episodes of the new Stranger Themes to select viewers.

The new Stranger themes are similar to the themes Netflix introduced in the fall of 2018, which include “Falling in Love,” “A House Divided,” “The Last Wish,” and “The Upside Down.”

While the new themes have been in use since early September, Netflix’s announcement of the Stranger Thems is notable because it’s the first time that the series’ themes have officially been offered.

Netflix will release the first five episodes of each season over the coming months, and each episode will be available for free.